Margherita Burgener Aquamarine Collection
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Limpid, crystal clear water and the blue of the sky provided the inspiration for this collection. Each jewel develops around a spectacular aquamarine from distant lands. The ring presents an exotic, contemporary interpretation of the classic solitaire, with the addition of the ancient purifying energy of water that calms and soothes. The earrings and necklaces cast a brilliant glow on the face of the wearer. Precious, timeless jewels. Special and unique. Sophisticated elegance.



Margherita Burgener Balloon Collection
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A Margherita Burgener must-have. The leitmotif of the collection are the gently-rounded stones. They are weightless, a kaleidoscope of balloons in flight. Catching the eye, mesmerizing, as the light dances through them. Rings that encompass and embrace, filled with significance, nodding to the balloons in the air. Elegant earrings evoke their soft and poetic shape.





Margherita Burgener Corona Collection
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Corona, a ‘crown’ for the queen of today. Corona collection is named after chakra number 7, located on top of the head, and for this reason, called ‘crown’ – ‘corona’ in Italian.

Amethyst, the selected purple quartz for ‘corona’, having the power to take our potential to a higher level.

Purple amethyst is the colour of the year 2018.






Margherita Burgener Gattopardo Collection
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In 1963, director Luchino Visconti shot ‘Il Gattopardo’ (‘The Leopard’). During what is now remembered as the most famous ball in the cinematographic history, Claudia Cardinale appears in all her extraordinary beauty. Fifty years later, her young Mediterranean face illuminated by pendant earrings still remains impressed in our memory.









All the creations signed by Margherita Burgener are entirely customizable, with a full choice among precious metals and gemstones to design your desired jewel.