Charity: Ribbon for Hope

Ribbon for Hope: a message of strength in the fight against breast cancer.


MB ribbon for Hope #2 titanium and pink sapphires
Margherita Burgener – Ribbon for Hope #2
Titanium and pink sapphires



Emanuela Burgener founded Ribbon for Hope in 2017 after her personal fight and recovery from breast cancer. The inspiration of the project is the symbol of the ribbon universally understood as the fight against cancer.

Ribbon for Hope embodies Emanuela Burgener’s essence and personal story, uniting her fight and victory against breast cancer together with her love and passion for jewels creation and goldsmith’s crafts.

A story of faith expressed in a jewel.


This jewel is Emanuela’s way of narrating her personal experience with the disease and her contribution to launching a message of hope towards the research and all those who fight, in their own different ways, oncological diseases – doctors, researchers, volunteers, patients.


Emanuela Burgener Ribbon for Hope Margherita Burgener
Emanuela Burgener and the Ribbon for Hope


My illness started during my first pregnancy. However, the year after my daughter Margherita was born, I decided to react by founding my company, which name is the union of my first daughter with my family name. Since then, the desire of carrying out a plan to support the fight against breast cancer has always been with me, to sustain the fundraising for the research, that should never stop. Today this plan comes to life with a jewel inspired by the “ribbon” as universal symbol of breast cancer fight. Emanuela Burgener

Ribbon for Hope is a handmade titanium and diamond brooch, a signature of many of Margherita Burgener jewels.

Margherita Burgener Ribbon for Hope Charity
Auctioned at Adam’s, Dublin, 29 September 2017.
The very light purplish-pink titanium crossover ribbon, accented to the front and back by 65 round brilliant-cut diamonds, mounted in titanium, diamonds weighing 0.62ct total, fitting in white gold, signed and cased Margherita Burgener, ‘Ribbon #1’, length 5.6cm
All proceeds from the auction of this jewel were donated to the European Institute of Oncology based in Milan.


Ribbon for Hope: a highly meaningful jewel.

Ribbon for Hope is a message of hope in the advances of research and technology for the treatment of cancer.


Margherita Burgener - Ribbon for Hope #4
Margherita Burgener – Ribbon for Hope #4



It is a symbol that represents a large community of people in the fight against cancer including doctors, researchers, volunteers and patients.

Finally and above all else, Ribbon for Hope is an important fundraising means for pivotal research that should never stop.

All the proceeds of Ribbon for Hope sales are entirely donated to the Institute of European Oncology Foundation based in Milan and founded by Dr Umberto Veronesi in 1994.


To contribute to the research and to sustain the Foundation, it is possible to order a custom-made Ribbon for Hope by sending an email to Thank you.


The European Institute of Oncology (IEO) provides patient-centred care and guarantees patients access to innovative therapies and to early clinical trials. The SHARP research programme, a GPS in metastatic breast cancer is an achievement of the strategic interest in early clinical trials. SHARP aims to identify breakdowns (genetic mutations) and map the routes that cancer cells take to invade other organs. Clinical data and biological samples from participating patients will allow experts to examine the DNA using the latest molecular screening techniques and devise an appropriate cancer treatment plan.