Gemstones & Metals

The gemstones that adorn our pieces of jewellery are their true essence.


Diamonds, emeralds, sapphires and rubies, carefully selected by us from around the world for their purity and particular cuts, are the inspiration and starting point of every creation.

Our passion for natural gems leads us to search for the best rough, uncut stones in far off places. Pairs of stones, sets for necklaces and bracelets, unique pieces for rings and pendants are cut with meticulous care.

Cushion, pear, baguette, faceted or cabochon-cut gems that will be the soul of the jewel.


The variety of stones offered by nature are an endless source of inspiration for me. Emanuela Burgener


Each time we look for the techniques and colour combinations that will best accent the beauty and poetry of aquamarines, tourmalines, rubellites, tanzanites, amethysts, quartzes and fascinating semiprecious stones such as chalcedony and onyx, chrysoprase, chrome, diopside, coral, turquoise, pearls and jet.

Master goldsmiths work the noble metals for our jewellery by using traditional techniques along with modern technologies.

White gold, yellow gold, red or pink gold is chosen in each case as the best colour base to enhance the stones and the design of the piece.


Innovating and experimenting: titanium


The search for new ways to conceive jewellery encouraged us to experiment with new metals in the art of jewellery making.

The result was in pieces of titanium with original shapes and colours that gave a powerful boost to our creativity.

Titanium is an exceptional metal. Working it requires specialist’s skill and a highly-developed manual ability, but its lightness and the infinite shades of colour that can be obtained are unique qualities.


Blooming Necklace Margherita Burgener
Blooming Necklace
Titanium, white gold and diamonds


In its natural state, titanium has a grey hue that enhances diamonds and combines delicately with all coloured stones. After oxidation, the metal changes colour and takes on surprising and unexpected nuances.

This is what makes every piece of titanium jewellery a unique, precious creation.